Touch or swipe above to view a video tutorial of iSabi™ Spanish application

iSabi™ Spanish application provides a set of features that allows the user to study many aspects of Spanish language. Features include the ability to practice listening and observing differences between pronunciations of words and phrases in the language. The application allows you to hear these phrases and practice saying them to compare with the voice of the native speaker in the application.

  1. Lists: For each category, a list is provided to allow you to directly go to an item of interest. You can search this list or touch an item on the list to be taken to the definition of the item. Once you touch an item, a pronunciation of the item by a native speaker is played. Then you are taken into a flashcard view containing the details of the item definition.
  2. Flashcards: Once in a flashcard, follow these simple steps to gain maximum benefits:
    • Swipe left or right to advance to the next or previous item on a category list.
    • Tap a word or phrase or touch the "play" button to hear the pronunciation of the word or phrase by a native speaker.
    • Press the record button to record yourself saying the word or phrase. Once you record a phrase, your recording will be available for you to compare with the pronunciation of the native speaker. [Note: to permanently remove any of your own recordings, press and hold the green play user recording button for two seconds]
    • Bookmark an item or remove an item from the bookmarked list by touching the bookmark button on the lower right part of the flashcard. Your item will be saved or removed from the list of bookmarked items. The bookmarked items are available in the Study Lists category of the app. Bookmarking items in the Verbs, or the Compare views will bookmark all the phrases shown in the flashcard view.
    • Press Quiz to go into the quiz mode for the category.
    • Tap the back button to return to a previous menu.
  3. Other Menu Items: The application helps you study many important aspects of the Spanish language: words, phrases and common expressions. Simply press your selected word or expression to hear it spoken by a native speaker. The sound is controlled from a settings menu. Please make sure that you set the sound to a reasonable level.

Thank you for choosing iSabi™ Spanish!