Exciting New Update to iSabi Tagalog Plus

We have an exciting new release of iSabi Tagalog Plus–our top of the chart Tagalog app. It’s available here:

Features include:

☆ Hear each Tagalog word or phrase pronounced by a native speaker.
☆ Record and playback your own pronunciation of each Tagalog word or phrase.
☆ Compare your recordings with the nativ…

We are Launching MyGlobeDoc USA!

Ready!…. Set!….. Go!

MyGlobeDoc USA is now launched. Download it and have 3.2 million healthcare providers in your hip pocket. Tell your friends about it.

Which other country is next? Stay tuned. If you have suggestions, please write us or post a comment below.
MyGlobeDoc USA is a Unique App

MyGlobeDoc USA has been several months in the making. In the process, we learned a lot…

Are You as Smart as a 1 Year Old?

October 16, 2010

A few weeks ago, I paid a visit to a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in over three years. He and his wife had a baby boy about a year and half ago. I was thrilled to reacquaint with them. And there, standing by their dinning room and kitchen, I was telling them about our new iSabi Igbo application. I pulled out my phone and started to show them how the application…

Learning Igbo in a Fun Way!

October 5, 2010

Technology gives us the tools to overcome real obstacles in our daily lives. Here is one story of how technology brings learning a new language to our fingertips.
If you or your child could learn how to read and write a Nigerian language in as little as a few weeks without ever having to step foot into a classroom or commit hours each week to study, would you do it? Until now…

Are we taking advantage of Parallelism? (a repost)

May 2, 2009
Reposted from (Are we taking advantage of Parallelism?)
Recently, a colleague of mine, Mark Friedman, posted a blog titled “Parallel Scalability Isn’t Child’s Play” in which he reviewed the merits of Amdahl Law vs. Gunther’s Law for determining the practical limits to parallelization. I would not argue with the premise of Mark’s blog that Parallelism is not child’s…

Lessons from the test lab: investigating a pleasant surprise (a repost)

June 18, 2008
Reposted from (Lessons from the test lab: investigating a pleasant surprise)
This post describes our recent investigation into an interesting performance problem: benchmarks that we were surprised to find running significantly faster than we expected on new hardware. Along the way we discuss useful benchmarking tools, how to validate results, and why it pays to know exactly what…

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